08 May

Covid 19 Support

Spring of Life Association Gambia with the partnership of our friends, Gonzalo and Susana of Siente Gambia are helping families in Sinchu Alagie with food supplies during the Covid-19 lockdown in The Gambia


08 May

What people say about SOLAG

Kaddjiatou, a parent – “The school has really helped my children and the community at large because of academic progress. My children’s education is far better than those of other children in other schools. My son was attending another nursery school but he was unable to read, write or spell anything, but when he was transferred to Spring of Life School, he was able to read, write, spell amongst a lot of other things. We will always continue to pray for the school and the teachers for their great work in this community.”

Fatima, a grade two student at Spring of Life School – “I have learned so much from the school, the teachers are very hardworking and helpful. I think Spring of Life School is the best school in Sinchu Alagie.”

Lamin, a student at Spring of Life School – “Here, I am treated well by the teachers, they love and care for me like my parents. In my previous school, all we did was just singing, but when I came to Spring of Life School, I was able to read and write. I can even speak some English. I have found love and happiness in this school and I love all my classmates. We are like a small family here.”