The promotion of local culture in The Gambia is integral in the vision of Spring of Life Association Gambia because we believe that culture shapes the way people interact and understand each other globally. It is a defining feature of a people’s identity, contributing to how they see themselves and the groups with which they identify.

In addition, understanding and valuing cultural diversity helps to counter racism and tribalism. Youths will be taught cultural diversity and how to tolerate different cultures.  This will help them maintain focus in the pursuit of national unity.

The cultural goals of Spring of Life Association Gambia (SOLAG) include:

  • Promoting cultural diversity,  respect  and harmony
  • Promoting cultural tolerance by bringing different ethnic groups in the Gambia together in a forum to interact and share cultural experiences
  • Creating cultural awareness by bringing the different ethnicities in the Gambia to showcase their cultures in the form of cultural performances (music, dance and dress code).
  • Creating awareness on the importance of local languages (dialects).  It is important that people keep their own language alive because language is fundamental to cultural identity. It serves as a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs.