Paul Gomez

Paul Gomez

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Paul Gomez is a founding member and the Chairman of SOLAG. He is highly experienced in the Education Sector and Early Childhood Development. Paul has a long track record of managing educational institutions.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Hello! My name is Kenneh Bah and I live in Sinchu Alagie. I am a parent of one of students at Spring of Life School. I am very impressed and happy with the school because I see the help you giving to parents and students within the community of Sinchu Alagie. You are supporting families who cannot afford to pay for their children to attend school. Previously, there weren't many children attending school in this area due to financial problems but now many children are in school thanks to the support Spring of Life Association Gambia is offering. Personally, I wasn't able to send my children to school due to financial difficulties but now my children are all able to go to school here at Spring of Life School because of the sponsorship they benefit from. Thank you so much for what you are for me, my children and many other families in this community. I am very happy!

Kenneh BahParent

My name is Mariama Colley. I am from Sinchu Alagie. Spring of Life School is very good and the teachers are very good too. Because of this school, my children are learning well. They also have sponsors who are supporting with school fees. I cannot speak English properly but because of this school, I am improving by just coming here. The school is helping many children with sponsorship. We are thanking the sponsors and I am very very happy because my children are learning well. When they learn at the school they come home and help me to improve my English. Thank you very much!

Mariama ColleyParent

Hello, my name is David Badjie. I teach class grade three and I live in Abuko. Spring of Life School has an excellent administration and good teachers that are hard working and committed to see the school progress and the students excel in their academics. The school gives support and training to the teachers. The school provides a very favourable environment for teaching and learning. Moreover, Spring of Life School also gives financial support to the pupils. Thank you to all.

David Badjie  Teacher - Spring of Life School

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